27 October 2023 - модели_ролики - Extreme Smoking Fetish

Olga - the interview with the model
Fully translated version of interview with Olga.
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Chaining, dangling, double, triple!
nastasia in a heavy smoking close up video showing her great skills of sexy smoking.
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Anastasia 2: New Heavy Smoking Model
Anastasia is our new model who likes to smoke Marlboro Reds and she shows her smoking skill appearing in the sexy lingerie.
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Smoking vampire
In the heart of a mystical forest, cloaked in an enigmatic shroud of darkness, we unveil a mesmerizing scene.
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Powerful smoking (Nastya 2)
Nastya is ill and instead of curing she smokes her cigs in the powerful way. It makes her cough a lot but she doesn't stop and continues to light up.
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