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Chainsmoking Corks Body Show
It's been a long time since Valerie has become a chainsmoker and smokes only Marlboro Reds.
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New Year Chainsmoker Valerie
Before the celebration Valerie wanted to get some nicotine rush so she lights up and powersmokes 4 cigarettes back to back!
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Valerie - Holder Chainsmoking Elegance
Valerie is dressed elegantly to thrill with her appearance during the nasty weather chainsmoking from the cigarette holder in tight black dress.
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I am Dreaming of Valerie
James is a big Valerie's fan and after her previous vid he had a lot of questions to her.
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Valerie custom chainsmoke 7 cigs with long lung holds
Valerie custom chainsmoke 7 cigs with long lung holds
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Chainsmoking rising chest
Valeria wears yoga pants and beige top smoking passionately and deep.
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Valerie - Smoking fruit salad
Valerie light up a cigarette and smokes it sensually while preparing the fruit salad.
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