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Obsessive Smokers Love (Kris & Valerie)
Girls (Kris and Valerie) are super horny smoke in each other's faces, kiss and caress. Have you paid attention what a slim super sexy beauty Kris (blonde) has become?
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Chainsmoking Multiples Beauty
Kris has become much more fit and sexy since she goes to gym on daily basis. This girl steadily becomes a sexy bombshell.
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Topless Girl-Girl Action
Kris and Valerie in a very challenging smoking action. They start smoking the heavy brown cigarettes (13mg tar, 1mg nicotine of local brand).
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Kris Smoking in Red Lingerie: Fitness and Heavy smoke
Kris wore red lingerie to appear in heavy chainsmoking and fitness video showing her big natural tits expanded by the smoke of long brown cigarettes.
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Click for preview Kris smoked a pack in one shot
It's now a Kris' turn to smoke the full pack of strong brown cigarettes.
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Smoking and punishment
Valerie and Kris have a competition on whoever will smoke all cigarettes faster.
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Kris smokes 120s and listens to her favorite music
Blonde model Kris smokes 120s in this video. Music plays in the background. There is some cough from deep inhales by her.
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