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Dasha Challenges Herself in Winter
Heavy smoking challenge of Dasha when she smokes a lot, spitting, inhaling almost constantly throughout the clip deep into her lungs.
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Dasha: Speedsmoking in The Dark
Very darkside action. Dasha is awake at night speedsmoking as hard as only possible. It's only 4:30 mins, but she smoked those cigs one after another in no time.
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Dasha is back from party high...
Dasha is back from the party on the early morning.
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Dasha's powerful nose
Dasha appears in sport top and blue panties smoking multiples.
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Dasha smokes full pack of cigarettes in a single shot(1080)

In a daring and unconventional challenge, each participant embarks on an extraordinary journey to test their limits.

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Dasha chainsmokes 2 cigs in the bathroom
Dasha is nude in the bathroom, showing her tits and chainsmokes 2 cigarettes.
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Powersmoking 3 cigarettes by Dasha
In this part of the movie, we see Dasha, a beautiful blonde model, standing tall in a room with soft, dim lighting. She's wearing a stunning red dress that really makes her stand out
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Dasha smokes a pack of cigarettes using the smoking technique through her nose and mouth as deep as possible(720)

Dasha loves to smoke, and so she went out into the forest in a dark green sweater, highlighting her luxurious breasts, and lit a cigarette! she cleverly smokes cigarettes at 3, sticking it into her nose and mouth!

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