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The Magic Smoke Bottle Lungfuck 3
Ellie's turn to lungfuck her lungs with the device.
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Ellie: Chaining during Banana and Dildo action

1st scene is licking and playing with banana while looking extremely sexy and smoking with long deep inhales down to her lungs.

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Ellie smoking and fitness
Ellie is wearing short tight yoga pants and and does her morning fitness routine.
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Ellie bathing and smoking multiples

Sexy Ellie is bathing and smoking multiples cigarettes deep and sensually, taking drags with her sexy lips and even with the nose.

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Ellie smoking yoga
Ellie is my favorite model. Friendly and smiling, sexy and always passionate about smoking videos.
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Ellie - She tied her body and smokes without hands ! Tries to smoke through a mask
Our model you do so love easily rope bandages the body in front of the roller! And smokes without hands! Very quickly in tightening a cigarette! She also tries to smoke in a mask! and gets a buzz from this
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Ellie - smokes powerfully and does sexy fitness

Summer is coming, and our model trains to get the attention. But she's such a heavy smoker that the cigarette is always on her lips even when she is training. She's still at good shape. Probably smoking helps her to stay slim and sexy

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Ellie - powerful smoking and fitness and drinking yoghurt and banana

Our familiar model decided to do mini fitness! she decided to smoke and go fitness with a cigarette and drink some delicious yogurt! smoking with your nose! love to stick a cigarette in your nose! nowhere to go! because she loves to smoke with her nose! she drinks delicious yogurt! drags on a cigarette and breathes in a powerful potion!

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Ellie-Balloons full of smoke - in with wishes on valentine's day

Our model literary difficulties her poor lungs blowing smoke into balloons. She writes congratulation notes on each balloon and then puts a cigarette butt to it making it pop. On the third balloon she starts to feel dizzy and her head spins which is only natural considering the amount of smoke she inhaled

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Ellie - iron lungs - smoke a cigar nose - cigarette and cigar simultaneously - strongest tightening

Ellie smokes a cigarette and a cigar at the same time. She smokes cigarette through her nose, and then she inserts a cigar in her nose and inhales deep. This makes her cough. Although the majority of girls would puke after such experiments. But this girl has truly iron lungs. This astonishing amount of smoke makes her dizzy, her head spins, she coughs but... she doesn't stop! She's a real smoking machine. I can only guess how her poor lungs would feel the next day

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