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Angelina 18yo power smoker

Angelina is a slim beautiful 18 years old girl that fell in love with smoking. She smokes on any given occasion finishing 2 packs per day. In this clip Angelina tells the story of her smoking, how others don't get it when she smokes a lot and how sexy she feels when she smokes a lot. At the beginning she lights up a cigarette but quickly realizes that a single one is not enough and lights up a second. When her lungs crave for more, she lights up 6 cigarettes and smokes them audibly, you can literally hear and feel every inhale she makes. Once she is done she light one more cigarette until she feels saturated with the smoke. Because of enormous amounts of smoke she takes into her tiny body she needs to spit a lot. Due to customers' requests, from now on all our clips will be subtitled.

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