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Chainsmoking Corks Body Show

SOUND ON FOR FULL EXPERIENCE!! It's been a long time since Valerie has become a chainsmoker and smokes only Marlboro Reds. In this new clip Valerie smokes enormous amount (6 cigs back to back in 20 mins) of them inhaling very deep, producing a lot of creamy thick smoke and enjoying each moment of that. Her sexy body is getting used hard to the cigarettes and currently she is the girl that made the most dramatic way from 10 whites to 25 corks in just 3-4 months and increasing... In the first scene she smokes showing her sexy feet, playing with them and with her beautiful legs, then she lies down on her belly giving the viewer a great spot of her sexy butt and the final scene is the sexiest where she lies on her back, playing with her legs, gives a super beautiful view of her tits and nipples. She makes very deep inhales, audible and profound, giving her chest rise while she greedily intakes her nicotine dose with every drag. Heavy sexy smoking show!

Time: 20


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