Dasha smokes full pack of cigarettes in a single shot(1080) - 1 November 2023 - модели_ролики - Extreme Smoking Fetish

Dasha smokes full pack of cigarettes in a single shot(1080)

In a daring and unconventional challenge, each participant embarks on an extraordinary journey to test their limits. The task at hand? To smoke an entire pack of cigarettes in one continuous, unbroken shot. This clip features Dasha smoking full pack of strong Chesterfield. She uses her mouth and her nose to take strong inhales until the pack is completely smoked. She needs to spit and take water a lot to accomplish the challenge. The clip features deep inhales, nose inhales, mutliples, spitting.

You'll be amazed by this heavy smoking action.

Many more models to come, including myself. Stay tuned for this. Each of these clips will be a true power smoking masterpiece.

Time: 41


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