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Ellie - iron lungs - smoke a cigar nose - cigarette and cigar simultaneously - strongest tightening

Ellie smokes a cigarette and a cigar at the same time. She smokes cigarette through her nose, and then she inserts a cigar in her nose and inhales deep. This makes her cough. Although the majority of girls would puke after such experiments. But this girl has truly iron lungs. This astonishing amount of smoke makes her dizzy, her head spins, she coughs but... she doesn't stop! She's a real smoking machine. I can only guess how her poor lungs would feel the next day

The girl speaks russian







Price: $15 USD

Length: 15 minutes

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Added: 2/2/21 11:22PM

Format: MP4

Resolution: 2056x1080

Added: 2/2/21 11:22PM

conversations inside the video
Hi, guys. I have a new cigar, and Winston cigarettes. Let's start with a cigar. It smells so delicious! It's better than the previous one. - You are gorgeous! - I am glad to hear that. I always try to get better. The result is the main priority. You know why marlboros were produced with red filters? Because girls applied red lipstick, to make it not visible... Ok, I will inhale the cigar, then the cigarette. Oh my head spins. My nose is itching. I just can't get enough of this cigar. Ok let me finish the cigarette, and the cigar I will leave for tomorrow. Oh, I've spilled the drink on my dress.

Ok, last time...

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