Exotic Lungfuck Ends With Hard Cough - 21 February 2024 - модели_ролики - Extreme Smoking Fetish

Exotic Lungfuck Ends With Hard Cough

Pure Smoking Fetish! Pure Lungfuck! What a heavy crazy smoker this girl is! She lights up one after another, exhales the smoke into the glass multiple times and then takes all the smoke from the glass into her lungs. She inhales deep, no mercy here. Once the cig is finished, another one is lit up until she starts to cough from the exhaustive smoke. She doesn't finish, one more step and she inhales it even deeper. The room is full of smoke and the girl coughs her lungs out.. She feels really bad and sick by the end of this challenging video. For heavy smoking connoisseurs, this clip is a must in your collection. Pure challenge, the lungfuck suffer adventure.

Time: 23


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tags: Challenges, Feels Bad, Audible, Eye Glasses, Deep Inhales, Chainsmoking, Coughing, Coughing Fetish, Extreme Close-Ups, Inhaling From Glass, classic smoking, Lungfuck, Firelady, Cough Fetish, Heavy Smoking
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