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I am Dreaming of Valerie

James is a big Valerie's fan and after her previous vid he had a lot of questions to her. She answers all of them during chainsmoking 9 Marlboro Reds, including multiples: 1. After you finished filming the previous video, did you smoke any more cigarettes that day? 2. How much are you not smoking each day? Are you now smoking more than 15 cigarettes each day? 3. Are you still interested in your goal of becoming a heavier smoker? If yes, then explain why you want to become more addicted to cigarettes. 4. Are you concerned about the health effects of being a heavy smoker? 5. Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend? 6. Do you live with a man? By yourself? With your parents? With a roommate? 7. What city do you live in? 8. Do you like living there? 9. Have you lived there your whole life? If not, then where else have you lived? 10. Have you travelled outside of Russia before? Where have you traveled? Would you like to travel more? 11. Do you play any sports? Do you like to exercise? 12. What are you favorite things to do? 13. What are your interests? 14. If your dreams come true, describe what your life would look like in 5 years. 15. What are 3 questions you have about me? What do you want to know about me? Find out more about this chainsmoking beauty!

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