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Karina smokes full pack of cigarettes

Guys, it's my turn! Having seen all the girls and the popularity of these videos, I decided to make my own full pack smoking video, but not simply smoking, an enhanced one! In this 27 minutes vid I smoke a full pack of cigarettes while making exercises, dancing, smoking multiples and showing you my sporty sexy body. I'm appearing in crop top and sporty panties. This video features a lot of long deep inhales, some kinds of exercises from my routine, sexy dancing and my body views. There is a small talk in this vid, so if you want the translated version, please write me after buying untranslated version.

Time: 27


                                                            $ 28.49

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tags: Heavy Smoking, Karina, Smoking Girl, smoking fetish, Deep Inhales, classic smoking, exercise, Challenges, exercises, 18 & 19 Yrs Old, Sexy Body, Multiples, Bra & Panties, Full Pack, Dancing
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