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Lady Sheva-Darkside heavy smoking gets complicated

***Beware: Please read description before buying this video*** Lady Sheva is in the smoky room. She lights a cigarette to suck it as heavy as only possible while lying on the bed. She inhales audibly enormous amounts of smoke. Her chest rises constantly with each inhale she takes. It's less than two minutes to finish the first cigarette to light up more and more. The cameras provide the view of her from different angles while she continues lung damaging action. She wheezes, the breath gets harder and harder, amount of the nicotine in her body rises to enormous level. She becomes dizzy and weak, it becomes more and more complicated, she can't withstand anymore and she runs to vomit. It takes some time until she manages to rearrange her breathe while the cameraman tries to calm her down. Lady Sheva appears in stockings in this video. This is probably one of the heaviest smoking videos ever made. Please don't bid if you fell offended by the description and the preview.

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