Lungfuck PRO - 21 February 2024 - модели_ролики - Extreme Smoking Fetish

Lungfuck PRO

Nastya lights up 3 at once, she inhales them very deep using her nose along with mouth inhales. All the highlights are inside. Then she lights up 3 at once again and smokes them like a real fucking PRO. Lungfuck action is huge, some of the inhales she makes are direct, so she fucks her lungs twice harder than usual. She coughs sometimes from the smoke, continues to make deeper and deeper inhales. No mercy here, chest rises a little more, clouds of smoke are thicker. Pure hot heavy smoking action. She smokes 3 cigarettes at once in almost 3:30 minutes, making it as fast as Ksenia. 6 cigarettes smoked. Highlights of first 3 and full action of the next 3.

Time: 5


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tags: Heavy Smoking, Nose Inhales, classic smoking, Nose Fetish, Lungfuck, Bad Breath, Nastya 2, Chainsmoking, 3 at once, Hand Fetish, Nose Exhales, Challenges
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