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Lungs damaging challenge

Anastasia, here is your custom request: You wear black lingerie and stockings, apply lipstick, you light up one Marlboro Red. You take the biggest, deepest drag you can possibly take, and you hold the smoke in your lungs for as long as you can. Then, you exhale, and, without taking a breath of air, you immediately take another of the biggest deepest drags you can take, and you hold the smoke in your lungs as long as you can. Once you finish the cigarette, you have to immediately light another one without taking any breaths of air. You repeat this process for 10 minutes without taking a single breath of air in between drags. If you find that you have to take a breath of air occasionally, that's ok. But each breath without dragging on the cigarette adds 20 seconds on to the end of the challenge. So if you find you need to take 3 breaths of air, then you have to continue the challenge for an extra 60 seconds, making the challenge last a total of 11 minutes. Then, once you're done, you light up another cigarette and, while smoking that cigarette, you spend one more minute describing how the challenge was and how you feel. Fully subtitled (last minute monolog).

Time: 13


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