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Nastya is hiding to chainsmoke multiples

Nastya want to smoke really bad and she knows that 2-3 cigarettes will not be enough. Her new landlord doesn't allow her to smoke at the apartment, so she goes out to have a quick chainsmoke. She exits to the stairway and starts to speedsmoke cigarettes, while Katya is looking that nobody goes up the stairs. As this is the time people come back home from work, she needs to make it really fast. To satisfy her cravings she needs at least 5 cigarettes to be smoked. No smoking signed is removed from the stairway and to avoid any evidence of smoke she litters all the butts away from the window. The light switches up and down when people turn it on and off. She is afraid and smokes as fast as 1 cig per minute. True heavy smoking action from slim beauty Nastya. Her hair and smoking style are ones to be proud of.

Time: 7


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