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New Model Katya chest expanding powersmoking

Dear valuable customers and the audience! TLDR: If you feel uncomfortable when you see a true model beauty with tiny, thin body smoking really heavily, stop reading here and avoid opening the preview. This clips is something very special we don't see each day. By today, this is the one of the best clips we shoot. Katya is a 18 years old full time model. Recently she got used to heavy smoking and she asked me to have a session on that. I couldn't resist to this natural long-legged beauty. In the first scene Katya engages with her fans, showing us her smoking 2 cigarettes at once. This scene includes some talk by her (subtitles embedded). She also pretends and looks at herself how is it to smoke 6 cigarettes at the same time (she still smokes 2 at once though). The real action start at the second part of this video. Katya committed to smoke 7 cigarettes one after another in a single shot without break. We filmed this part entirely, and bring you the highlights of it here. You'll see a true power smoking experience with chest filling with the enormous amounts of smoke. Each inhale she takes is powerful and deep. She needs to spit because of a great amount of nicotine she takes. Each inhales is audible. Katya's time is very expensive, thus the price of the clip is somewhat higher than our standard rate, however you'll absolutely enjoy a true one of a kind experience guaranteed. This is one of the best clips ever shoot.

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