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Nude Lungfuck Show (darkside)

She becomes sick and dizzy from oversmoking - do NOT buy it if darkside is not your fetish. Lady Sheva is very tired from smoking all day long. She has smoked over 3.5 packs today (yes, over 70 cigs!). She is lying on the bed, upside down fully nude showing her hot body and smoking more and more. Boris helps her in her darkside lungfuck journey and motivates her to smoke more. Painful and helpless she fucks her lungs harder and harder, feeling dizzy and sick while continuing to make more and more inhales. She falls resting at the end of the vid. This is hot darkside vid for specific and unique people. Do not buy if self destruction is not your kink.

Time: 23


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tags: Dizzy, classic smoking, Bad Breath, Lungfuck, Boris, Deep Inhales, Darkside, Heavy Smoking, Lady Sheva, Sick, fetish, Erotic Nude, Coughing Fetish, Chainsmoking
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