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Obsessive Smokers Love (Kris & Valerie)

Girls (Kris and Valerie) are super horny smoke in each other's faces, kiss and caress. Have you paid attention what a slim super sexy beauty Kris (blonde) has become? This is due to her hard fitness trainings. She will tease you to orgasm during this sexy girl-girl action. The girls sometimes cough, playing the 5 seconds game - when each needs to hold the smoke deep in her lungs before exhaling. The girls smoke a lot into your face, in each other's faces having sexy obsession of each other's smoke. They decide to smoke multiples to intensify their sexy feelings and then they remove their clothes. Valerie will stay in bra and panties, while Kris will be in sexy tight body. Hot and Sexy! Don't miss this one!

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tags: Tights Fetish, Deep Inhales, Smoking In Face, Smoky Caress, kissing, Multiples, panties, Chainsmoking, classic smoking, Smoky Kisses, Girl-Girl, Coughing Fetish, bra, Girl Girl, Smoking In Your Face, POV
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