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Smoking Kisses Lesson

In Valerie's custom video she is required to smoke 7 cigarettes with huge lung holds of at least 5 seconds. There are several short timeframes with disabled sound (for compliance). Prior to the video she was required to finish one pack of Marlboro Reds and only after that it is allowed to start filming the custom. She shows her huge beautiful tits that expanded nicely due to continuous heavy smoking. She inhales deep, amount of smoke is enormous. In each exhale you see the amount of smoke she has originally inhaled. Very darkside vid for heavy smoking lovers. Valerie is currently on track to Miss Marlboro of the Studio! Full plot: - Before the video starts, Valerie will have already smoked 1 full pack of Marlboro Reds that day. She begins the video by explaining what it was like to smoke 1 full pack of Marlboro Reds. How do you feel? Did you like it? How do your lungs feel? How is your breathing? - Then she explains that she is trying to train her body to become more addicted to nicotine. What is your smoking goal? Why do you want to become a heavier smoker? To help train her body, she's going to do a new challenge. - She is going to smoke 7 cigarettes as fast as she can. BUT every drag has to be a deep inhale, and she has to hold the smoke in her lungs for at least 5 seconds before exhaling. That is very important! Each drag has to be a deep inhale. - At the end of the video, she talks about how this challenge made her feel. Did you like it? Was it hard? How do your lungs feel? How is your breathing? How is her heart? Do you feel like you are becoming more addicted to nicotine?

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