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Sofi seducing you to smoke multiples

Sofi loves everything about smoking and she want to share that passion with you. In this video she wears a sexy black minidress and fishnet stockings. She starts smoking a cigarette and encourages you to smoke together with her. She depicts the picture of you, smoking guy of her dreams, that likes to smoke Reds, likes the cough developed and of course likes her. She becomes very horny while encouraging you and having finished the first cigarette, she lights up 2 cigarettes at the same time. Sofi has the most beautiful voice out of all our girls and she knows it. She developed a very sexy style of talk. Her voice is calming, making you really hard to resist and not to light a cigarette with her - hear by yourself in the preview. She understands that 2 cigarettes are not enough and lights one more , smoking them all together and seducing you. Very sexy action by super horny and beautiful heavy smoking model. The monolog

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