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The Case at the Restaurant

We’re on our first date, and everything is going great but it’s been a while since you’ve smoked your last cigarette, since you didn’t want to have the smell of smoke on you. Now you’re really craving one, since you’ve been smoking more recently, but you’re nervous about smoking in front of me for the first time. Eventually you can’t take it anymore and ask if it’s ok to hand a cigarette. I say of course. You light one up talking about how good it feels, how much you’ve been needing it. At First your still a little shy about your smoking, but soon open up and start taking about how much you like it, how it makes you feel, etc :) you don’t even notice as you light up a second one and a third.. - don’t smoke for a few hours before if you can to make it realistic - you really want a cigarette, but are really really insecure and nervous about smoking in front of me at first, even after you light up your first one. When you realize I like it you happily chain smoke - Wear a dress or something else you would wear to a dinner date - talk in Russian - white cigarettes

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