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The Magic Smoke Bottle Lungfuck 1

Meet our new model Maria! You'll fall in love with her after her first clip! This vid is something unique, never seen before... The cigarette bong! Maria prepares her bong by making small holes each fitting to one cigarette. She ensures that the hole is tight enough, that there will be no air entering the bong, only the cigarette smoke. She shows her full preparation of the bong and then starts to take the lungs damaging hits out of it. She stands up to show her sexy body and legs, but can't stand because of the heavy buzz she gets from 5 cigarettes at once in the bong. She needs to spit from time to time. At the end she is very high and can't continue for more, but she manages to finish her smoking bottle. For heavy smoking lovers! This is a unique clip, pure lungs damaging action!

Time: 9


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tags: Cigarette Bong, Blondes, Challenges, Heavy Smoking, Deep Inhales, 18 & 19 Yrs Old, Lungs Damage, Maria, classic smoking, Lungfuck, Pantyhose/Stockings
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