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The Magic Smoke Bottle Lungfuck 3

Ellie's turn to lungfuck her lungs with the device. She wears sexy lingerie and stockings and makes a small complication for the device. Instead of inserting the cigarettes inside with the filter, she makes it vice versa so the ash stays inside the bottle. She constructs the 3 cigarette bong in the beginning and smokes it with the heaviest hits she could take from the bottle. It's hard and heavy, she doesn't feel very good and gets vertigo from smoking it. Drag by drag she finishes the smoke bottle, all while discussing her feelings and sensations. At the end of the action she makes "scissors" exercise to calm down from heavy lungfucking.

Time: 14


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tags: Lungs Damage, Garter & Stockings, Smoking Bottle, Deep Inhales, lingerie, Ellie, Lungfuck, classic smoking, Cigarette Bong, Heavy Smoking, Challenges, smoking fetish
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