The Magic Smoke Bottle Lungfuck 5 - 22 February 2024 - модели_ролики - Extreme Smoking Fetish

The Magic Smoke Bottle Lungfuck 5

All her inhales are audible and her beautiful chest rises up so nicely. HOT! HOT! HOT! Pure chest expanding clip!! The 5th in trilogy! Ksenia's turn to fuck up her lungs. She chose to do it without filter (filters are outside the bottle) with 3 Marlboro Golds. And oh my God what she has done here. She sucks the smoke into her lungs the deepest and hardest way making her wet cough appear with almost every inhale she makes. Her lungs suffer a lot, she feels hot inside her body and she continues to make inhales deeper and deeper until the cigarettes are fully melted in her poor lungs.

Time: 7


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tags: Smoking Bottle, Multiples, 3 at once, Erotic Nude, Coughing Fetish, Ksenia, Audible Inhales, smoking fetish, Chest Expansion, Challenges, classic smoking, Lungfuck, sexy smoking, Breast Expansion, Deep Inhales, Heavy Smoking
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