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Topless Girl-Girl Action

Kris and Valerie in a very challenging smoking action. They start smoking the heavy brown cigarettes (13mg tar, 1mg nicotine of local brand). They get exhausted of the heavy smoke and then remove their clothes. They continue the action topless with 3 cigarettes at once (2 in the nose) and inhales as hard as they can to get high from the nicotine. Once they are high, they start caressing each other, kissing the tits and exhaling smoke one on another. When they smoke a couple of cigs like that they start kissing and exchanging the smoke. Enjoy this super heavy and sexy smoking action!

Time: 23


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tags: Big Tits, Deep Inhales, kissing, topless, Valerie, Nose Fetish, Multiples, Nose Smoke, classic smoking, Challenges, Girl-Girl, Kris
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