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True lungfuck action by Anastasia

I've found out that Anastasia's first clip is lagging behind others, which is absolutely insane! I think this model was not perfectly understood. This is the true darkside power smoker! During this video Anastasia doesn't talk too much, but encourages you hard to start smoking even more than her. In the beginning she smokes just one cigarette, but very powerfully, including audible inhales. She drags very hard inhale by inhale saturating her hungry lungs. Then she lights up 2 cigarettes and finishes them in just 2 minutes. The main action happens then, when she smokes 3 cigarettes at once, encouraging you to smoke like her. She coughs from the huge amount of smoke she takes into her tiny sexy body and tells you about the solution for her cough. Anastasia is slim and extremely sexy girl. She is the heaviest smoker in our studio. Don't miss this out. It's the top perfection for your fetish collection! Anastasia wears short skirt and tan pantyhose. The girl speaks Russian, subtitles are embedded.

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