Victoria Blonda - smokes cigarillos powerfully and sexually - 29 March 2023 - модели_ролики - Extreme Smoking Fetish

Victoria Blonda - smokes cigarillos powerfully and sexually

our new Blonda smokes again now heavy cigarillos! she sucks them in deeply and remembers to keep the smoke in her lungs! what causes a sexual cough

The girl speaks russian:

conversations inside the video:

all good day today we will smoke a cigaril of the captain black brand! (4-30) the feeling of fire! (5-36) what can I say about cigarillos! they are fragrant! this is a plus! and the disadvantages are there are no cigarettes without additives (origenal) and there is not much of this selected tobacco there are many impurities of flavorings! but they are still strong! (7-00) it's almost like ordinary cigarettes from the store, only thicker and a little heavier and the roomatizers are more expensive and the price is higher! and all the stars from the sky are missing! although it is much better than cheap marlboros and so on! YES YES THEY ARE BETTER! THIS IS YOUR FIRST STEP FROM THE CIGARETTES FROM THE FACTORY AND MAYBE AND ALL THE TRANSITION TO CIGARS! YES YES THEY ARE MUCH BETTER THAN TOBACCO CIGARETTES! (11-00) I SMOKE CIGARS OFTEN SO IT LIKES BUT ANOTHER FRAGRANCE FOR THERE ARE TASTE AMPLIFIERS! BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT I LOVE CLASSIC CIGARS OR (SEA, HAND-AGED TOBACCO!) THAT IS WHAT I LOVE MOST OF ALL! I DECIDED IT CLEARLY TO TRY! (12-50) WILL WE GET EXCITED ?? (FINALLY) IT WAS GREAT!

The girl speaks russian playing guitar singing(English)

The girl speaks russian

playing guitar singing(English)

The girl speaks russian(no dialogue)

playing guitar singing(English)

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