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Victoria Blonda - smokes hand-rolled cigarettes with natural tobacco

Victoria is our new sexy blonde she loves to smoke cigarettes! This is her first video where she will tell you about how she smokes cigarettes! and will smoke beautifully and sexually for you!She does not smoke shop cigarettes and makes her own cigarettes!

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The girl speaks russian:

let `s start ! so it turns out my first interview my name is victoria! I got some questions here! (laughter) I've been smoking for 26 years! how much time passed when you tried your 1 cigarette! before you started smoking all the time! I smoke somewhere since 17 years old! smoked cigarettes before! but now I smoke cigarettes! there is no real tobacco in cigarettes! I can make a post and tell you how different types of tobacco differ and how I make rolls! what filters do I order what type of machine do I use like this)) I have tried a lot of tobacco from Dominican and Cuban cigars! actually a very interesting topic! about all this, I can separately then I tell you while smoking! but it turns out with cigarettes and not only with cigars, alcohol comes separately! By the way, I can make a separate video of how I make cigarettes! so how many cigarettes do you smoke cigarettes a day! it is in different ways there is an increase in cigarettes! their number depends on my mood! from the weather from many factors! There is such a gloomy mood you want to smoke a lot, straight a lot! how does my husband react ?? it turns out I started to smoke rolls and cigars from him! he taught me to smoke cigars! he hooked me up (laughter) so have you ever smoked without hands! yes of course smoked without hands! let me show you! I have an interview here dear! what cigarettes you smoked! I smoked different ladies' cigarettes, men's different! and glamorous smoked and do not even remember already! Bod and all that smoked! but I realized that cigarettes are not that there is no good tobacco, so I switched to hand-rolled cigarettes! here the tobacco is strong and classy better than in cigarettes! therefore, it is preferable to hand-rolled! here they ask if I have breaks when I do not smoke! yes yes there are times like that! when you want but it is unnecessary or you can’t help but smoke! Does Smoking Affect My Health! I am asked interesting questions I like! no smoking does not affect my health! you litter when you open the pack! no i n.. cool theme

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