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Vore - Antidote - Recovery - Defeat

For the Valentines he's brought some mysterious box. In the box there is some kind of a jelly like substance which he claims is just a simple jelly. Julietta is taken to the bad and Kiril starts to put the jelly on her, lick it and bite her. Being afraid that she would be eaten and that the jelly is not that simple, she finds what makes this monster neutralized - he is afraid of cigarette smoke. Starting to smoke one after another she puffs cigs into his face and Kirill looses consciousness. Fully recovered, Julietta wants a revenge. And the revenge will be too sexy to resist... Licking, blowjobs, smoking into his face, all the sexy stuff is included in this great action. Fully abridged hot vore/smoking vid filmed from multiple angles..

Time: 19


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tags: C4svore24, smoking fetish, licking, Deep Inhales, Food Fetish, Chainsmoking, classic smoking, roleplay, Smoking Girl, blowjob, revenge, Food Porn, Blow Jobs, Defeat, Vore
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