Extreme Smoking Fetish - Julietta -top model

model who loves to smoke just like her boyfriend Julietta!

  • Julietta is our new heavy smoking girl poser and she is a very sexy one! This blonde has no mercy to her beautiful pink lungs and she just loves to darken them
  • Giving the stage to my beauty Julietta to describe this: So I was making my early morning every day routine. Actually this is the first thing I do daily. After sports the smoke craving is always so hard.
  • Heavy smoking sensual sex that Julietta give to her boyfriend Kirill. Both smoke a lot and enjoy each other making sexy smoke kisses and fucking while lighting up one after another.
  • Julietta's boyfriend is under her full control. She feels dominant yet very sensual towards him.
  • Fully edited for the best view editor's version of smoking sex session mounted from different cameras (no repetitions or different angles of the same views).
  • This scene is unique - the girl blackens her lungs heavily while enjoying her dildo.

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