10 March 2021 - модели_ролики - Extreme Smoking Fetish

Milena - smokes singing and playing guitar with a cigarette (Little rock-and-roll queen)

Our new beautiful model is very sexy but also smokes well without hands! she can play guitar and sing! appreciate her singing and smoking! and she will sing to you again

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royal- Smoking beauty - Covid mask smoking

Our model tries to smoke wearing covid mask, and it becomes a realhard for her. She exhails into the mask, the smoke goes into her eyes, and she cries. But nothing can stop her. The scenario is rather cruel, she admits. But poor thing continues to inhale and exhale toxic fumes into the mask. I imagine how the mask stinks. The brave girl did it all - even smoked two at once

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Eva - smokes 3 cigarettes beautifully at once

Our familiar model smokes 3 cigarettes at the same time! inhaling deeply, she literally immediately feels the smoke in her body!

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Big baby - sexy Smoking-beautiful- drinks juice along with smoke

Our beauty with nice breasts loves to drink grape drinks! as well as run the smoke into the juice to get the most pleasant sensations

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Alice - beautifully smokes sexually lying caressing herself

This is a friend of our model! She knows how to excite you guys! She smokes beautifully as she lies and caresses herself. She's a real fun and loves to smoke

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Eva - beautifully smokes sexually lying caressing herself

Our new model is sexy from head to toe! she knows how to excite anyone! smokes beautifully lying and sexy, gently caressing herself

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Ellie - powerful smoking and fitness and drinking yoghurt and banana

Our familiar model decided to do mini fitness! she decided to smoke and go fitness with a cigarette and drink some delicious yogurt! smoking with your nose! love to stick a cigarette in your nose! nowhere to go! because she loves to smoke with her nose! she drinks delicious yogurt! drags on a cigarette and breathes in a powerful potion!

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Alsa - beautiful sexy girl - smokes and shows her beautiful body!

Our slim tall model smokes beautifully and shows her body gently moving with a cigarette!

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Royal - Smokes with extreme technique through nose

Our model smokes beautifully! trying different smoking techniques! and enjoys new sensations!

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Royal -beautiful smoking - tightening cigarette and iqos at the same time - Shameless smoker

Our kinky model shows her strange fetish. She stores the smoke from her lungs into a jar. Then she inhales it.she simultaneously smokes iqos and puffs it after a cigarette! plays with smoke from a can!you can try it too! at the beginning take a drag on a cigarette and then without exhaling iqos.

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Ksyusha - smokes powerfully and blows out smoke beautifully while lying on the couch

I will introduce you! meet Ksyusha! she knows how to inhale a lot and can smoke and also goes in for sports! expect new from him! and enjoy 1 video!

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alsa - beautiful sexy girl - smokes taking off his shirt (classic smoking)

beautiful model loves to smoke at her computer and listen to her favorite music))) and we love to watch her smoke! it's great

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