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Beauty finishes cig in 2 mins
Just a 2 minutes clip of a very beautiful girl smoking and posing. You'll how perfect her body is.
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The Magic Smoke Bottle Lungfuck 4
The trilogy continues with this short yet huge clip featuring smoking of 4 cigs: 3 through the bottle and 1 through the fist.
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Smoking Blowjob in His Car
Anna is in Alexey's car, lights up and smokes cigarette, but it's not enough for him.
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New model - 1 hour over full pack of cigarettes
Alena is my new model. Crazily beautiful, this girl is a heavy smoker
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Liza: challenging 3 at once
Liza is a heavy smoker. She smokes multiples frequently and developed a custom to smoke them at least once in a day.
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Hot smoking, kissing and teasing by beautiful lesbians
Sara,Stella,Smoking Fetish,Lesbians,Deep Inhales,Smoking Kisses,Smoke Sharing
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Non-smoker is being fed heavily

Yulia has disclosed to everybody that Katerina smokes. Katerina is not happy about this and she planned a revenge.

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School - elegantly smokes - smokes dropping head1

ur little pussy tries to smoke dropping head to get new sensations!

Her elegance will hit you advise you to watch it and get a buzz!


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Valeria - smokes drinks coffee with beautiful music

beautiful music plays with her! she loves to smoke and smoke a lot! loves coffee and a cigarette she does not care about her pregnancy she always smokes a lot

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Diana sexy and experienced smoker answers questions and smokes 2 cigarettes

Diana is a sexy and experienced smoker, she is smoky with a bright smoker's cough, she goes in for sports, has 2 beautiful sons and smokes equally passionately!

there is a smoker's cough in the video

The girl speaks russian(sexy music,interview retelling)

interview retelling:

lipstick that would be brighter! Well, let's get started! (coughs) I get it! started smoking at the age of 14! 1 time I smoked myself! at 14! before your birthday! one after another during the transition period! (I bought 1 piece) of a cough ?? I have not had it yet! my parents didn’t know for probably a year! then my step-mom found out! Well, I still smoked after I found out! I am now 32 years old and my step-mom smokes! and step-dad smoked when he served in the army! Yes, I have been smoking often for 10 years, I guess! Well, yes, I love to smoke and drink coffee with a cigarette! severe cough, especially in the morning! I smoke a day, I can hardly more than 1 pack! with sweet coffee! I did not understand the question ?? but no, I smoke 1 at a time, immediately 2 did not smoke! no, I didn't! can you smoke nicely ?? No, I only smoke in a cloud, but I cannot make a ball of smoke! when I drink and smoke a lot like with coffee! if the nerves can and a pack of smoking was the case for 1 hour the pack was smoked! (cough) I usually rest at night, I don't smoke, I don't get up! but when i shoot video at night i need to smoke! Yes, I had two in my stomach and I didn't smoke! Well yes, I tried not to smoke during pregnancy, and I smoked a couple of times (laughter (queen)), but no, my stomach is family, I was not ready to smoke during pregnancy to keep my family healthy! so all two had no nicotine in their belly! I smoke beautifully ??? thank you all my sweets! I used to think that I smoke badly! ok, thanks for enjoying it! you say i'm beautiful ?? Yes, I did dancing, watched Cold's figure, acrobatics, striptease, in the gym! I can move beautifully, dance, dance for you in the next video!

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