04 October 2023 - модели_ролики - Extreme Smoking Fetish

Karina smokes 3 at once in sexy body
I wish to continue all my girls trilogy of 3 at once!
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alsa-smoking 3 at once(720)
Alsa smokes 3 cigarettes at once in sexy way while being in her lingerie.
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Eva speedsmoking 3 cigarettes (4K)

Eva applied a sexy makeup and ponytail and needed to blacken her lungs really heavy.

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Eva speedsmoking 3 cigarettes (HD)

Eva applied a sexy makeup and ponytail and needed to blacken her lungs really heavy.She smokes cigarette after cigarette as fast as she can to satisfy her craving.

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Anya: 2 at once and smoky story

This time she wanted to smoke 2 cigarettes at once and tell the story of how much she loves smoking and what she feels with each drag and how hard she hates those people that judge her about her smoking.

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Nastya 2: Bizarre Multiples

She decided to show her abilities by smoking with her nose as hard as she can inhaling all 3 cigarettes at once really heavy, sucking all the smoke down to her lungs through the nose.

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Firelady - chainsmoking 3 cigarettes
Blonde Firelady chainsmokes with passion and a lot of attitude.Her inhales are deep and smoking style is fast and experienced.
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Chainsmoking during intensive stretching

My new girl Karina 2 (who could have imagined) in her first clip performs chainsmoking Winston blue cigarettes while exercising.

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Multiples in sexy underwear

It was the first time Alice tried smoking 3 at once back then.Since this video she smokes multiples regularly making good deep inhales.

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Lady Sheva: Hot and Heavy

Hot massage and dildo fuck performed by massage guy is follow by a heavy smoking action.

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