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Strongly Smoke-Filled Balloons
Alice chainsmokes 3 cigarettes. She fills all the smoke into the balloons.
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Chaining Cigs in Multiple Angles
She wears a sexy lingerie with black stockings to chainsmoke for you in different angles to show how beautiful she is despite years of lungfucking.
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Multiples in sexy underwear

It was the first time Alice tried smoking 3 at once back then.Since this video she smokes multiples regularly making good deep inhales.

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Heavy smoker Alice chest expansion experience

My friend Alice is a true heavy smoker.She is so fantastically perfect with her sexy body, blonde hair, blue eyes and beautiful boobs.

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Alice smokes after the club
Alice smokes after the club ! she loves to smoke and after a hot night she came home and decided to smoke and drink smoke inhaling deeply
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