14 January 2024 - модели_ролики - Extreme Smoking Fetish

New Year Chainsmoker Valerie
Before the celebration Valerie wanted to get some nicotine rush so she lights up and powersmokes 4 cigarettes back to back!
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Post Workout | Relax and watch Julietta
So I was making my early morning every day routine. Actually this is the first thing I do daily. After sports the smoke craving is always so hard. It's not even doubled,
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Topless Girl-Girl Action
Kris and Valerie in a very challenging smoking action. They start smoking the heavy brown cigarettes (13mg tar, 1mg nicotine of local brand).
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New Heavy Smoking Girl Julietta
Julietta is our new heavy smoking girl poser and she is a very sexy one!
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Topless Over Half Pack Multiples
This time it's super special. I smoke a lot of multiples, showing you my sexy body from all the sides and inhaling as hard as I can for our mutual pleasure.
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Sofi: Smoking Turns Me On
The more she smokes the more horny she becomes. This beautiful chainsmoking beauty starts to smoke and teas you with her smoking,
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Alsu: Festive Pussy Rubbing Smoker
In this sensual clip Alsu rubs her pussy to get the desired orgasm for herself as well as for her lungs. She smokes cigs and vapes across this extremely sexy action.
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Smoky Christmas With Mila
Mila is a blonde beauty with huge boobs that she is ready to fill with creamy smoke for your Christmas delight.
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Christmas With the Most Beautiful Smoker
18 yo Katya is back with the new Christmas vid of her.
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Royal Bizarre Smoking
This is unusual, heavy yet dazzling performance of her mouth and nose abilities.
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Getting Lungs Ready for Christmas
Christmas it the great vacation time for Lady Sheva when she is free from work and can smoke any time she wants.
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Multiples and Lollipop
So long awaited me :))) This clip is about everything you like: sexy, heavy smoking, lollipop, dancing, teasing and body showing all together! I
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Lady Sheva Dominated By Naldo
Her breasts are exposed and her nipples are hard. She is required to smoke for him and please him the way he wants it while he controls every inhale she makes.
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POV smoking in your face
Anastasia 2 smokes Marlboro Reds and ashes in your face.
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Lingerie Fitness Girl Anastasia (UHD)
Anastasia is back with the new smoking fitness vids!
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Darkside equation: 9 mins = 9 cigs
In only 9 mins Ksenia smokes 9 cigarettes inhaling very deep as only she knows how to. She smokes all 9 cigs down to the filter!
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Chainsmoking Elegance
Alexandra arrived to the studio with very hard craving to smoke the full pack of cigs. Looking sexy and innocent noone could ever thought that this girl is such a heavy smoker. She has perfect body,
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Emma chainsmokes and answers questions 1
Beautiful blonde Emma smokes a lot and answers fan's questions.
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Valerie - Holder Chainsmoking Elegance
Valerie is dressed elegantly to thrill with her appearance during the nasty weather chainsmoking from the cigarette holder in tight black dress.
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