Karina's room is filled with smoke - 12 September 2023 - модели_ролики - Extreme Smoking Fetish

Karina's room is filled with smoke

So many guys asked for nude vid that I couldn't resist to it! Your girl is here for a very hot action in panties only. I smoke 4 cigarettes at once while dancing really sexy for you. Once it is not enough, I light up and smoke 2 more cigarettes filling my room full of smoke. I spit and cough sometimes from 4 at once.. Throughout the video you'll see how fit girl can make a lot of reinhales from 4 cigs, while giving you a sexy and hot action. I talk just a little bit in this vid, thus I upload it without the translation to not bother you with applying text, but you can of course get this vid with subtitles. Heavy smoking action for you dears!

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tags: #Erotic Nude #Satin Panties #Smokin, Coughing, Spit Fetish, classic smoking, ukrainian, Spitting, Coughing Fetish, Deep Inhales, Dancing, Smoking Multiples, Karina
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