12 September 2023 - модели_ролики - Extreme Smoking Fetish

Albena: short interview

Albena is a sexy and very beautiful slim girl appearing in hot stockings and short

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Eva's sexy smoking action by the bed
2 slim cigarettes at once sitting on the bed, showing her legs and coming close to the camera for close-up views.
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Nastya performs speed smoking and multiples challenge

The challenge was to smoke 4 cigarettes in less than two minutes each.

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Valerie - Smoking fruit salad
Valerie light up a cigarette and smokes it sensually while preparing the fruit salad.
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Eva smokes and sips Adrenaline Rush part 2
In this part Eva smokes 2 strong Sobranie brown cigarettes and talks about her turn on when smoking during
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Eva smokes and sips Adrenaline Rush part 1
smoking a cigarette in different poses and sips the Adrenaline Rush energy drink
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Karina's room is filled with smoke
So many guys asked for nude vid that I couldn't resist to it!smoking Best videos
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Heavy chainsmoking performance by Tina

Tina is in the frame chainsmoking 3 cigarettes in a powerful way.

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