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Non-smoker is being fed heavily

Yulia has disclosed to everybody that Katerina smokes. Katerina is not happy about this and she planned a revenge. She invited Yulia to her apartment and pressured on her to start smoking. Yulia does not smoke and was a non-smoker before, but now she is doomed to start. Katerina starts with making her take good inhales into lungs and not just take the smoke into her mouth and then release. She closes Yulia's mouth and nose with her hands to make sure Yulia inhales properly. She then realizes that the effect could be stronger if she induces her to smoke 2 cigarettes at once. It is very hard for Yulia to smoke 2 cigarettes together, so Katerina shows some mercy and takes one cigarette from Yulia. During the whole action Katerina feeds her heavily with strong smoke. By the end of this action Yulia will probably become a full time smoker. Who knows, we'll see. Subtitles of the whole clip are embedded..

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