The Magic Smoke Bottle Lungfuck 4 - 22 February 2024 - модели_ролики - Extreme Smoking Fetish

The Magic Smoke Bottle Lungfuck 4

! 1 cig = 1 min! Lungs damage video ! The trilogy continues with this short yet huge clip featuring smoking of 4 cigs: 3 through the bottle and 1 through the fist. Marlboro Reds, huge inhales, audible, 1 cig per min, which is very extreme for this tiny slim blonde beauty. Each inhale is a pure lungfuck. She absorbs the smoke in her lungs in the most aggressive way. This clip is a smoking fetish relief.. Currently it's the fastest smoking in "The Magic Smoke Bottle Lungfuck" Trilogy. Pure challenge - the girl feels dizzy and sick by the end! Previous clips from Trilogy: Maria: The Magic Smoke Bottle Lungfuck 1 Me (Karina): The Magic Smoke Bottle Lungfuck 2 Ellie: The Magic Smoke Bottle Lungfuck 3.

Time: 4


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tags: Smoking 3 At Once, classic smoking, Sexy Smoker, Audible Inhales, Lungfuck, Heavy Smoking, fetish, Challenges, Speedsmoking, Lungs Damage, Deep Inhales, Maria, Blonde Smoker, Hand Fetish
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