WildCatling - Smoking-smokes-after-before-bed-5Captain Black - 28 September 2020 - модели_ролики - Extreme Smoking Fetish

WildCatling - Smoking-smokes-after-before-bed-5Captain Black

This is an exclusive dark side video of our model wildcatling. We asked her to smoke 5 cigarillos Captain Black. If you know what are those like, you will understand. For those who don't - they are actually cigars, but meant to be inhaled. Basically they can be called lung murderers. For an ordinary smoker two puffs are enough to start coughing the lungs out. They are extremely strong, rich with tar and hot dense smoke. But our model chain-smokes 5 of them. Her lungs burn, she coughs like crazy, feels dizzy, but she does not stop. That's the spirit!

video: 1080p,60fps,36:00 min



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