26 March 2023 - модели_ролики - Extreme Smoking Fetish

Royal- Smoking beauty - experimentally smokes through the package
Our favorite model with big tits decided to experiment! She smoked a lot of cigarettes through a bag and covered her nose with a bag!
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Royal- Smoking beauty -pouring hot water with cigarette smoke on myself while smoking a lot of cigarettes(1080 60 fps)
Our busty model smokes a lot using proprietary studio techniques! she decides to blow tobacco smoke from a lot of cigarettes into a potion and then pours it on her head! completely smell like cigarette smoke is her goal! after that she does not stop and smokes a lot and does not forget to plug cigarettes in her nose! (it's no secret that smoking with your nose sends smoke straight to your head)
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Royal- Smoking beauty - with clothespins on nipples smokes masked cigarillos for you
Our Sweet lover of experiments decided to smoke very strong cigarettes after smoking a pack, her lungs are ready for stronger cigarettes! she decided to play with her nipples and pinched them with clothespins! and to make it harder to smoke, covered my nose with a mask so that there would be more nicotine in the lungs and less air!
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Royal- Smoking beauty - smokes and drinks smoke with wine
Our model is experimenting again, she smokes cigarettes, but she puts the smoke into a glass of wine, and then in a place with smoke she drinks wine! in the video, she also lowers her head in a potion with grass to have fun!
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Royal- Smoking beauty - smokes a pack of strong cigarettes and dives into potions causing a hell of a cough
Our favorite model doctor decides to smoke a whole pack of cigarettes! she brewed the potions in a basin and prepared her lungs for a pack of strong cigarettes! she started with 1 cigarette, but then decided to smoke a lot of cigarettes at once, taking 5 at once, and then ... she lowered her head into a basin and opened her mouth and eagerly swallowed the potions
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Royal- Smoking beauty - warms her tits and smokes strong cigarettes(1080 60 fps)
Our favorite model warms her tits, lapping ice cream off them and trying strong cigarettes! she passionately draws smoke into her lungs! and gets high!
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Royal- Smoking beauty - smokes nose and mouth and lowering head in a basin with a potion(1080 60 fps)
Our nice model model is ready to amaze again! She brewed herbs in boiling water in a basin! She diligently smokes her nose and mouth at the same time tightening the cigarette smoke into the lungs! but smoke to exhale she is not in a hurry at first need to lower his head in the potion ! Holding the breath to hold the head completely plunging it into the water and only then exhale! Cough and useful potion gives awesome effect!
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School - elegantly smokes - smokes dropping head1

ur little pussy tries to smoke dropping head to get new sensations!

Her elegance will hit you advise you to watch it and get a buzz!


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