11 September 2023 - модели_ролики - Extreme Smoking Fetish

Katerina: developing cough from multiples
Clip features a lot of sexuality sides: multiples, cough, some dark talk, smoking encouragement, a lot of teasing.
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Anastasia chainsmokes 3 strong cigarettes

Anastasia is in the frame again!This time she powerfully chainsmokes 3 cigarettes light up from the butts. Her

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Galya interviews Nastya while chainsmoking multiples

Galya interviews Nastya Natural beauty with long hair, slim body and heavy passion for a good smoke. subtitles in English

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Natural Fit Beauty Karina Chainsmokes After Training
I know how much you were missing me!I'm back from training and I'm really craving for a smoke!
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Lady Sheva - heavy smoking during massage, jealousy action
Lady Sheva ordered a sexy massage at home.The guy came and made a great massage session during which Lady Sheva
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Heavy smoker Alice chest expansion experience

My friend Alice is a true heavy smoker.She is so fantastically perfect with her sexy body, blonde hair, blue eyes and beautiful boobs.

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Eva smokes multiples on public bench
Beautiful 20 yo Eva appears in short dress giving a nice view on her slim and sexy legs while smoking 3 cigarettes at once on a public bench.
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Introducing Anastasia - long time heavy smoker

Introducing Anastasia - this girl is a true gem for smoking fetish lovers.

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True lungfuck action by Anastasia
I've found out that Anastasia's first clip is lagging behind others, which is absolutely insane!

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Tina smokes and gives a fantastic blowjob to her boyfriend

Tina is a smoking blonde dream. She smokes deep, inhaling each drag down to her lungs and feels so satisfied about that.

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Sofi seducing you to smoke multiples
Sofi loves everything about smoking and she want to share that passion with you. In this video she wears a sexy black minidress and fishnet stockings.
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Katerina shows the effect of smoking lungs on tissue
First clip of Katerina appearing in the miniskirt, black pantyhose and dark shirt in a sophisticated chapter.
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New Model Katya chest expanding powersmoking
Dear valuable customers and the audience!TLDR: If you feel uncomfortable when you see a true model beauty with tiny, thin body smoking really heavily, stop reading here and avoid opening the preview.
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Sofi tells us the story of how she started smoking
Meet Sofi, the 25 years old extremely sexy girl who loves to smoke.
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Angelina 18yo power smoker
Angelina is a slim beautiful 18 years old girl that fell in love with smoking.
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Tina gives smoking blowjob and sex to her boyfriend

Our new model Tina likes everything about smoking.Tina and her boyfriend lie on the bed

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Karina craves and smoking two cigs at once in lingerie and m
Karina decides that she likes much better to smoke multiple cigarettes than just a boring single cig.
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Slender girl Olga smoking in the park

Our slender girl Olga lights cigarettes one after another in the park. Olga is a young and very beautiful full time model. One of our most beautiful models.

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Introducing Valerie - smoking different ways and multiples
Our model Valerie is very passionate about smoking. She is young, sexy and very beautiful as you can see. In this video Valerie starts to smoke just a single cig making deep inhales and absorbs the smoke hard.
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Kris smokes 120s and listens to her favorite music
Blonde model Kris smokes 120s in this video. Music plays in the background. There is some cough from deep inhales by her.
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Eva smoking two at once after wake up
After the wake up Eva smokes 2 cigarettes at once very sexy and passionately.
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